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Whisky Coffee

Our Experimental Barrel Aged Whisky Coffees, matured in Ex-Whisky barrels from Tasmanian Distilleries

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  • Exp.2 NIC576 Coffee...


    This is the continuation of our 'experimental' series of Whisky Barrel Aged Coffee. Exp.2 NIC576 is from a barrel from Launceston Distillery (Hanger 17). A impressive French Oak ex-Sherry cask married with a speciality single origin from Nicaragua. The barrel was previously ageing Apera fortified wine (AKA Australian Sherry). Creating a full flavoured whisky with dried fruit and a gentle spice which reflects in this unique coffee.

  • Exp.4 WLD086 Coffee...


    There's no escaping for this thief for the second time. WLD086 'experimental' coffee #4 carries a light rum and raisin chocolate aroma, but still has that big wow factor when you open the bag. Housed in an American Tempranillo Oak barrel from Spirit Thief Distillery in Tasmania and this time married with one of our award winning blends.