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H17 Barrel Aged Coffee

Posted By: Rob Simpson On: Comment: 0 Hit: 614

Our latest release from Launceston Distillery

In the coming weeks our third and fourth versions of our barrel aged coffee will be available. Whilst we are still experimenting, the results from the first batch were pretty amazing. The feedback has been great and left everyone wanting more after we give them a sneak wiff. With 3 loads currently getting rolled, prodded, checked and shown off to every second customer, they are sure to be well loved.

The two barrels in question, a French Oak Apera (Sherry) and a American Oak Bourbon are progressing well, even in the early stages. Both barrels are only second fill from the distillery, so there is still a lot whisky flavour and moisture in the oak and we can already tell it's transferring to the coffee. Our first batch was exceptional (Spirit Thief SUN086) as a milk based coffee and the flavours in a black surprised even me.

Coffee and whisky share many similar compounds, chocolate, toast, vanilla, nuts, caramel, pepper, malt, honey, straw and so many more. Even in our Jean Lenoir Le Nez du Cafe tasting kit (for our coffee) with 36 vials, 23 of those are also in the whisky kit, so both exhibit very similar aromas.

We look forward to the coming weeks and seeing what these wonderful barrels from Chris at Launceston Distillery, and our Infuse Coffee can bring to this next chapter in our experimental barrel coffee series.

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