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This Chat is OFFLINE, we monitor this weekdays from 7:30am to 1:00pm.

Meet the New Picopresso from Wacaco

Posted By: Rob Simpson On: Comment: 0 Hit: 318

Espresso machine in the palm of your hand!

What an impressive unit! From the initial packaging presentation and the unwrapping, straight away Wacaco are off to a great start. The unit itself is solid, a bit more weightier than the Nanopresso, but it includes a lot more metal components.

From the solid metal tamper, dosing ring, a 16gm filter basket, it's precision hand held device. Whilst it comes in 3-4 pieces in the box, all the components neatly pack up within the unit itself, all in its own hard case.

The thing I love is the naked (bottomless) portafilter concept. Like using all naked portafilters, it takes a bit to master initially with your dose and packing. Luckily my first time using the Picopresso I was wearing a black top, otherwise it could have been messy! The extraction from the unit was great to watch, a bit hard to see when you are using it, but I held it over a mirror coaster and it's worth a look.  The 16-18gm basket is a great addition, doubling the size of the Nanopresso.

The Picopresso does not come with a cup like its predecessors, so don't forget to take one if you are travelling. 

Available for purchase here and feel free to drop in for a demo.


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