New Chemex Funnex now in stock

The Chemex Funnex Pour Over Coffee dripper is a highly functional, unique and stylish coffee maker perfect for brewing anywhere. The brewer is designed with double walled borosilicate glass for durability and heat retention. 

The Funnex Coffee Dripper will brew up to 450ml of your favorite drip coffee. Its remarkable clarity in the brewer also enables you to view the brewing process in its entirety. The Chemex Funnex Coffee Dripper includes a silicone gasket that fits snug onto all types of cups, mugs, or thermos so you can brew anywhere, in to practically anything. 

Chemex are well known for making aesthetically pleasing, functional brewers – Releasing the wisely popular Chemex Brewer in 1941. The idea behind the addition of the Chemex Funnex is for a fun, travel friendly and portable single cup brewer that can brew a similar Chemex coffee wherever you are.