Milk Jug 600ml

Milk Jug 600ml

The Rhinowares 600ml milk jug is ideal for one or two coffees. Its modified spout makes it easy for great latte art simple.

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Our 600ml milk jug is ideal for one or two coffees. Its modified spout makes it easy for great latte art simple.

400ml = 90mm high x 70mm diameter (comes boxed).

600ml = 110mm high x 80mm diameter (comes boxed).


Frothing milk for an espresso coffee machine:

Pour your milk into the jug (we store our jug in the fridge). Insert your steam wand into the very bottom of the jug for 5-8 seconds and open the steam valve. The bottom of the jug will start to feel warm. Adjust the jug until the nozzle is just below the surface and when it starts to froth, lift the jug so the nozzle is slightly lower in the milk.

A deep "purring" sound signifies your milk has reached the idea temperture between 65 - 68 degrees celcius.

Works perfectly with our 600ml mik jug.

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