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  • 2023 Christmas Blend


    This year, our Christmas Blend is a celebration of Arabica beans from Bali - Costa Rica, Brazil, & India. Discover the sweet festive berries when you open the bag, followed by dark chocolate aromas and a hint of caramel. Released on November 1st every year, this is the 11th edition of our special Christmas coffee.

    Only available in 250g bags no kg's.

    * The limited release 200gm silver can is available from the roastery only!

  • Classic Espresso Blend


    Our Classic Espresso Blend captures the classic Italian espresso. This blend has some sweetness with chocolate caramel hints which hides behind the nutty Brazilian flavours. Winner of 9 medals!

  • Wild Espresso Blend


    WILD Espresso has a nutty and sweet aroma and a hint of dark chocolate. It has won 10 medals at recent State & National Fine Food Awards.

  • Esta Bien Blend


    Esta-Bien is a blend from Infuse Coffee with sweet honey aromas found in the finest of Colombian coffees. Cocoa and milk chocolate flavours originate from the Nicaraguan bean with bittersweet chocolate. Winner of four fine food medals.

  • Capsul'in Capsules for...



    * After stocks are depleted we will no longer stock these pods.

    The Capsul’in pods are completely compatible with official Nespresso machines, are ergonomically designed and offer a stronger, more robust pod.

    This pack contains 100 capsules and 108 adhesive lids.

    NOTE: These are empty pods, ground coffee is additional.

  • WeLoc® Coffee Bag...


    Reseal your coffee bags and keep your coffee fresh for longer! The WeLoc sealing clip is great for resealing your coffee bag and helps in reducing the oxidisation of coffee. The clips are extremely heavy duty are the perfect size for re-sealing our 1kg coffee bags.

    Printed with infusecoffee.com.au in white.

    150mm wide (ideal for re-sealing our 1kg bags). Made in Sweden.

    made in sweden.jpeg

  • Decaf Organic (Colombia)


    Our Colombian Mountain Water Decaf is one amazing coffee...

    most people won't know it's a decaf! It has a medium body, with chocolate, nutty notes and a smooth finish with low acidity.

    Great for late night full flavoured coffee.

    100% Chemical Free and 99.9% Caffeine Free. Organic.