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Barista tools

We stock a range of essential barista supplies for your home and cafe. Other larger items are available from the roastery, that are not listed here.

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  • Barista cloth set


    The Rhinowares Barista Cloth set has been developed to assist cleaning and maintaining coffee machines in a commercial environment and is also suitable for home machine use.

  • Brewista Artisan 1.0L...


    The Brewista Artisan Gooseneck Kettle in White is both stylish and functional. With a 1L capacity, the Artisan is perfect for pour over, and feels balanced and comfortable in the hand when pouring.

  • Cafessi replacement...


    Cafessi swivel action head replacemenmt brushes (2 pack) red/white only.

  • Cocoa Shaker


    The Crema Pro cocoa shaker comes in a range of colours and is finished with a fine stainless steel mesh.

  • Dosing funnel


    Tired of cleaning wayward coffee grounds that haven't made their way into your portfilter. These dosing funnel helps to direct the grinds where they are meant to be. Fits a standard E61 group handle with a 58mm tamper.

    This tool is designed to help baristas in coffee dosing, acting like a funnel facilitates the fall of the coffee inside the filter avoiding maximum waste and keeping the workspace clean.

  • Espresso shot glass (one)


    Measure your espresso shots with this Rhinowares espresso solid weighted Shot Glasses. This easy to read shot glass includes clearly marked lines that measure 10, 20, 30, 40ml (includes ounce measures too). We recommend do not diswasher them! One per box $12.00

  • Grindenstein Knock tubes


    Dreamfarm's Grindenstein is a compact coffee knock box that bangs out your coffee grinds. It's super strong and sturdy, and even tucks away on the drip dray of your espresso machine for space-saving storage.

    Width: 110 mm Height: 102 mm Volume: 445 ml

  • Hario V60 Buono Kettle...


    Not only does the Hario V60 Buono look great, it also pours like no other kettle in the world and is held in high regard by coffee experts worldwide. The spout meets the kettle body at the lowest possible point providing the ultimate in precision and control, allowing for the precise circular motion needed for the perfect brew.

  • Joe Frex 58mm tamper base


    ll tampers are hand-crafted in Germany; they are ergonomically designed. The Knock Base is designed with a rubber 'knock' ring to protect your tamper base.

    Choose your preferred handle and match it with a base to achieve your personal tamper requirement.

    Please Note: This product is the base only.

  • Milk Thermometer


    The easy to read dial on the Rhinowares Milk Thermometer allows for quick and accurate measure of textured milk and other beverages. The specially designed stainless steel clip allows the thermometer to sit perfectly in any milk pitcher. Designed with positive lock, quick-release action, the thermometer stem can be adjusted to the desired height. When the clip is removed, the thermometer can also be used for general purpose cooking needs.

    • Short Thermometer is 5" (13cm).
    • Long Thermometer is 7" (18cm).

    Temperature range is -18 to 104C

  • Pallo grinder brush


    The Pallo GrindMinder is one part Grinder Brush and one part Counter Brush all in one convenient tool. Brush down the grinder, flip it around and sweep off the counter.

  • Primo Tamper 58mm


    Tamping has never felt this luxurious! The Primo is a tall, slightly heavier tamper , weighing 500g, with a twist of Art Deco. The Primo has a hollow base for perfect balance. A true piece of craftsmanship!

  • Rhino bench scales


    Rhino bench scales are a trusty set of coffee scales and a necessity for consistency in any aspect of brewing. The Rhino 2kg bench scales features a large stainless steel weighing platform to fit your portafilter perfectly.

  • Tamper mat corner


    The Rhinowares Corner Tamper Mat is made from thick and durable food grade silicone rubber. It protect both the bench and portafilter with this generous size 'industrial' quality work surface. Fits neatly on the corner of the bench.

    Mat Dimensions: 145mm x 208mm. Drop: 47mm. Dishwasher Safe

    * Tamper not included.

  • Tamper mat flat


    The Rhinowares Bench Tamper Mat is made from thick and durable food grade silicone rubber. Protect both the bench and portafilter with this generous size 'industrial' quality work surface.

    Mat Dimensions: 146mm x 206mm. Dishwasher Safe

    * Tamper not included.

  • Cafessi group head...


    Cafessi Swivel Group Head Cleaning Brush is ideal for cleaning excess coffee grounds from the group seals, shower screens and group head. Replacement heads available.

  • Coffee measuring spoon


    Made from hard wearing polypropolyne, this measuring spoon holds 7gm of ground coffee. Dishwasher and detergent safe. Colours vary

  • Coloured Milk Jugs...


    Rhino Coffee Gear Stealth Milk Pitchers stand apart from other models. Developed by people who understand the needs of the specialty coffee industry, Rhino Coffee Gear pitchers have been designed with great features.


    • Premium non-stick coating
    • Thick and heavy
    • Professional pouring spout: designed for smooth pouring and latte art
    • Comfortable handle
  • Crema Pro Knock tubes


    Standing at 175mm, this knock bin is ideal for use at home or in a small cafe. Using a knock bin to cleanly knock out used coffee grind is vital to ensure the long life of your group handle, as scraping grind with a spoon or knife may scratch or dent it

  • Elegance Oakwood handle


    All Concept Art tampers are hand-crafted in Germany. They are ergonomically designed. The handle is integrated in a way that it fits the hand snugly. The Elegance has simple form and function.

    This is an extra long handle with a height of 85mm.

    See below description for suitable bases.

  • Knock tube bags (25pack)


    These coffee knock tube bags are heavy duty and heat resistance and slot easily into our Rhino Thumpa floor knock tube. Stand alone knock out tubes offering great convenience for the busy barista and these bags allow you simply remove the bag and save cleaning the ground coffee from your tube.

    Pack contains 25.

  • Knock tube replacement...


    Replacement rubber sleeve for Rhino Coffee Gear's Thumpa cafe knock tube.

  • Long hand grinder


    The Rhino Coffee Gear Hand Grinder is a great solution for grinding coffee on-the-go; for travel, work, or even just at home. With a smooth grinding motion, quality materials, and a convenient 42 gram capacity.

  • Rhino Thumpa floor...


    * This product is only available from the roastery due to size.

    This Thumpa is an 860mm tall knockout tube which was designed with durability in mind. Commercial coffee waste bins need to withstand being hit, bashed, and dropped without coming apart. The Thumpa is virtually indestructible and perfect for the demanding needs of a busy coffee shop. Using high density, shock-resistant polyethylene (HDPE), the Thumpa can really take a beating! The flared collar retains excess splatters. The slotted bar inserts and removes easily for cleaning, replacement, and maintenance. The top is also easily removed for easy emptying or for use in conjunction with waste bags.

  • Short Hand grinder


    OUT OF STOCK - Due 24 Nov

    The Rhino Coffee Gear Compact Hand Coffee Grinder is a great solution for grinding coffee on-the-go and comes with an adaptor so you can grind straight into an AeroPressTM.

  • Stainless Milk Jugs from


    The Rhinowares professional milk jug has been developed by people who understand the needs of the speciality coffee industry.

  • Stainless steel...


    Made from stainless steel, this 20ml measuring spoon is perfect for meausuring ground coffee, tea or chocolate powder.