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Spare Parts

Group seals and baskets

Active filters

  • Knock tube replacement...


    Replacement rubber sleeve for Rhino Coffee Gear's Thumpa cafe knock tube.

  • Double HQ 14g+ filter...


    58mm Group coffee machines portafilter HQ 14gram+ ridgeless double filter basket.

    Note: This basket has no locating ridge.

    Suits many machines including Synesso, Astoria (older models), Brasilia, Faema, Gaggia, La Marzocco, Slayer, VBM (Vibiemme), VFA and Wega

    Part: #EPMZ107A

  • Double 18g - 21g...


    18-21gram Double Filter Basket (these are big! For those who love strong coffee!)

    Part: #1160345

  • Steam Arm Rubber...


    The safeguard steam arm/wand rubber insulator protects your fingers from the scorching temperatures the steam arm/wand can reach, enabling you to adjust and maneuver the hot steam wand while steaming and frothing milk.

  • WEGA E61 8mm Group...


    E61 Style Group Head Coffee Machines 8mm Group Seal with Bevel.

    Suits Such machines As Wega, Brasilia, Expobar, Iberital, Faema, Grimac, ECM, Pavoni, VBM and Futuramat.

    There are two WEGA 8mm seals, make sure your size is the correct one. Other size below.

    Part: #BM 528970

  • WEGA E61 8.5mm Group...


    WEGA: Airy, Airy-19 (2021), Atlas-10 (2019), Colosseum, Combinova, Espressa, Euro-2000, IO, IO (2019), Junior, Nova, Novencento, Orion (2019), Orion Eco, Pegaso (2020), Polaris, Polaris-14, Sphera, Start, Syntesis, Vela, Vela (2019).

    Part: #BM 1186895   

  • WEGA E61 9mm Group seals


    E61 Style Group Head Coffee Machines 8mm Group Seal.

    Suits Such machines As Wega, Brasilia, Expobar, Iberital, Faema, Grimac, ECM, Pavoni, VBM and Futuramat

    Part: #BM 145

  • Simonelli 7mm Group seal


    SUITS: Nuova Simonelli Appia, Simonelli Program, Mac, Optima.

    Note: This seal does not have external notches.

    Thickness: 7mm

    Part: #BM 528047

  • Simonelli 8mm Group seal


    SUITS: Nuova Simonelli Program, Mac, Optima, Premier Old Group Coffee Machine 7mm Group Head Seal

    Note: This Seal Does Not Have External Notches. Thickness - 7mm

    Part: #BM 525021

  • Astoria 8.5mm Group seals



    Astoria/ CMA: Argenta, Brava, CK, CKE, CKXE, Denise, Divina, Dora, Gloria, Gloria R12, Lisa, Perla 4D, Pratic (new), Rapallo, Sibilla, Vania Wega: Concept56 (greenline), Venus

  • Shower Screen (suits...


    Shower Screen Expobar E61

    Specifications: Diameter: 60mm

    Made in Italy, suits many machines, see complete list below.

    Part #BM 1081116

  • Shower Screen Various...


    Shower screen Diameter: 52 mm

    Hole Diameter: 6.4mm

    This screen is suitable for: Astoria/CMA, Bezzera, BFC, Caramali, ECM, Elektra, Faema, Fiorenzato, Francino, Grimac, Reneka, Royal, SAB Italia, Scala, Wega (Concept & Urban).

    Part #BM 529084

  • Blind filter basket 58mm


    Blind filter basket 58mm.

    Suits all E61 group handles.

  • Picopresso 12gm basket


    Is the standard Picopresso 18g basket a bit too much for you?  What about a 12g single shot version!

    This smaller version is a good alternative for those looking to reduce their caffeine intake.

  • Steam Wand & Milk...


    The Rhino Coffee Gear Cleaning Brush set is an essential cleaning and maintenance tool, specifically designed to keep your steam wand clean and performing well.

    Over time steam wands can become clogged up, often this is caused by the build-up of particulate matter, and grime caused by milk proteins coagulating.

    This set comprises of 10 uniquely sized and tough nylon brushes to suit the vast majority of home and commercial machine applications:

    2mm - 3mm - 4mm - 6mm - 8mm - 10mm - 12mm - 16mm - 20mm - 24mm

  • Single 7g filter...


    7 gram Single Filter Basket. Suit WEGA, Astoria and more.

    Part: #1160345

  • WEGA/Astoria E61...


    Suits WEGA / Astoria machines.

    Note: lugs are offset for Astoria group heads. Does not come with filter basket. A range of baskets can be purchased separately  here

  • Bellman Seal Kit (5pce)



    The Bellman Seal Kit is a set of 5 replacement seals for the Bellman CX25 and the CX25P Stovetop Espresso Makers (pictured).

    Kit Includes: - Top Knob Seal - Flat Top Lid Seal - Basket Reducer Seal - Basket Seal - Internal Shaft/Rod Seal

  • Brita C150 Water filter


    This Brita C150 filter is for the Brita C150 filter head kit found HERE

    Benefits: Reliable protection for professional coffee machines from Carbonate hardness deposits. One filter head concept for all cartridges in the Purity C range. Scale deposits and the associated machine breakdowns are reduced, as are additional service and repair costs.

    Product features: Swing bracket for easy cartridge installations and removals.  Innovative locking handle and integrated flush valve for easy operation.

      • Softening Capacity: 2408L (approx)
      • Max Operating Pressure: 8.6bar
      • Dimensions: 117mm W 104mm D 419 mm H
      • Water intake temperature: 4 - 30 deg C
      • Flow rate: 60 l/h

    * These are not always on hand, please contact us for delivery cost and current availability

  • Rhino Knock tube...


    Replacement rubber bar for the Rhino mini waste tube (pictured). The slit in the rubber faces down when inserted in the tube.

    Specifications: Length: 115mm Diameter: 25mm

    Handwash Only

    * Knock tube not included. Illustration purposes only.