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  • Mocha Pack


    This is a great way to enjoy a cafe mocha with our Grounded Pleasures Original 200g hot chocolate and our award winning Wild Espresso coffee... the perfect mocha!

  • Bulk Buys ($33 - $85)


    Nice and simple...we make the choice for you!

    Where possible, we will do our best not to double up.

    Choose from:

    • Mixed 3 pack $33
    • Mixed 4 pack $44
    • Mixed 5 pack $55
    • Mixed 6 pack $65
    • Mixed 7 pack $75
    • Mixed 8 pack $85

    * Online offer only, not available instore!

  • Subscription Pack from


    Have fresh coffee (2 x 250g) delivered to your door automatically every month by Australia Post - Australia Wide (Regular Post delivery included - Express Post option available at additional cost).

    More information below.

  • Medal Winning Pack


    This Medal Pack contains our three 250g bags of our winning coffees: Sunrise, WILD Espresso and Classic Espresso.

    The 3 combined have won a total of 20 medals.

  • Sample Pack 1


    This Infuse Sample Pack  includes one 250g bag of each of the following coffees:

    • WILD Espresso Blend
    • Classic Espresso Blend
    • Daterra Sunrise (Cerado, Brazil)
    • Peralta (Nicaragua)
  • Sample Pack 2


    This Infuse Sample Pack 2 includes following:

    • WILD Espresso Blend 250g
    • Esta Bien Blend 250g
    • Grounded Pleasures Original Hot Chocolate 200g
    • Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans 100g
  • Addiction Pack


    This pack contains 6 coffees as listed below

    plus a BONUS 250g bag from our range.

  • Capsul'in Capsules for...



    * After stocks are depleted we will no longer stock these pods.

    The Capsul’in pods are completely compatible with official Nespresso machines, are ergonomically designed and offer a stronger, more robust pod.

    This pack contains 100 capsules and 108 adhesive lids.

    NOTE: These are empty pods, ground coffee is additional.

  • WeLoc® Coffee Bag...


    Reseal your coffee bags and keep your coffee fresh for longer! The WeLoc sealing clip is great for resealing your coffee bag and helps in reducing the oxidisation of coffee. The clips are extremely heavy duty are the perfect size for re-sealing our 1kg coffee bags.

    Printed with infusecoffee.com.au in white.

    150mm wide (ideal for re-sealing our 1kg bags). Made in Sweden.

    made in sweden.jpeg