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Single Origins

Our speciality single origin and limited edition beans. 

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  • Decaf Organic (Columbia)


    Our Columbian Mountain Water Decaf is one amazing coffee...

    most people won't know it's a decaf! It has a medium body, with chocolate, nutty notes and a smooth finish with low acidity.

    Great for late night full flavoured coffee.

    100% Chemical Free and 99.9% Caffeine Free. Organic.

  • Exp.2 NIC576 Coffee...


    This is the continuation of our 'experimental' series of Whisky Barrel Aged Coffee. Exp.2 NIC576 is from a barrel from Launceston Distillery (Hanger 17). A impressive French Oak ex-Sherry cask married with a speciality single origin from Nicaragua. The barrel was previously ageing Apera fortified wine (AKA Australian Sherry). Creating a full flavoured whisky with dried fruit and a gentle spice which reflects in this unique coffee.

  • Exp.4 WLD086 Coffee...


    There's no escaping for this thief for the second time. WLD086 'experimental' coffee #4 carries a light rum and raisin chocolate aroma, but still has that big wow factor when you open the bag. Housed in an American Tempranillo Oak barrel from Spirit Thief Distillery in Tasmania and this time married with one of our award winning blends.

  • Kimel Peaberry (PNG)


    Kimel Peaberry is a highly aromatic coffee and features silky smooth textures and chocolate notes. Its unique flavours are highlighted as a single origin roast. Perfect in milk coffees.

  • La Bastilla (Nicaragua)


    La Bastilla is a very fragrant coffee that is mild in body. The predominant flavours you will find include cocoa and milk chocolate with a hint of citrus. This bean presents a well balanced flavour in the cup, with medium acidity.

  • Monte Cristo (Brazil)


    Our medal winning Brazil Cerrado ‘Monte Cristo’ has a lovely fresh earthy aroma, with a rich body and sparkling clean flavours. You will find berries and dark chocolate in this naturally processed, Organic, Rainforest Alliance certified coffee.

  • Single origin of the week


    Single origin of the Week... Every week we have a special release single origin. We can't tell you what it will be any given week, but it will be sure to be a wonderful speciality coffee. Only available in 250g bags. 

    Not available in shops, only availabe from the roastery or online. Due to the small amounts of these speciality coffees, varieties are subject to change.

    Note: Cibao pictured is only a sample for purpose of the image.

  • Sunrise (Brazil)


    Daterra Sunrise is a well balanced organic single origin coffee with a fruity and fragrant complex aftertaste. It offers hazelnut, bittersweet chocolate and vanilla flavours and it has a well balanced acidity, with medium body and smooth texture and density.