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Steam Wand & Milk Frother Brush Set - 10pc

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The Rhino Coffee Gear Cleaning Brush set is an essential cleaning and maintenance tool, specifically designed to keep your steam wand clean and performing well.

Over time steam wands can become clogged up, often this is caused by the build-up of particulate matter, and grime caused by milk proteins coagulating.

This set comprises of 10 uniquely sized and tough nylon brushes to suit the vast majority of home and commercial machine applications:

2mm - 3mm - 4mm - 6mm - 8mm - 10mm - 12mm - 16mm - 20mm - 24mm


Milk products are well known for their tiny particles of fat which can also build up and congeal around crucial components and small orifices in particular. This build-up often leads to a lower quality of milk froth, possible health concerns, and can eventually lead to unnecessary wear and tear inside the machine’s steam boiler.