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Hario Technica TCA-3 Syphon

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The Hario Coffee Syphon is a theatrical brewer which looks like a science experiment. Producing a “tea like” clear coffee it’s a great way to try out some of our single origin coffees.

Download our Syphon Brewing Guide here.


The Hario Coffee Syphon (also known as Vacuum Pot) was first invented in Berlin in the 1830s and ever since it has remained a popular brewing method.

Aside from its beauty and the theatre of preparation, it actually has a very stable and controllable temperature in the upper chamber. Cloth filtered brews, like the Hario Syphon are capable of exceptional body and sweetness, clarity and complexity.

They are idea for high quality single origins like our Brazilian coffees. Syphons work on the principle of pressure. Heat boils the water in the lower chamber and when the top chamber is sealed into the lower chamber, pressure builds and forces the water into the top chamber. Ground coffee is placed into the top chamber and stirred vigorously with a bamboo stirrer to wet all the grounds and allowed to brew for 40seconds. At this point the syphon is removed from the heat source and this causes a pressure difference in the lower chamber and forces the brewed coffee to be sucked through the cloth filter back into the lower chamber.

The Hario TCA-3 syphon comes with a filter cloth, spirit burner*, plastic stirring paddle with integrated measuring scoop and stand. It's important to keep the cloths clean, and not to let them dry out. They are best kept in submerged in water when not in use. Cloths can be cleaned using espresso cleaner.

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